CPOE Cultural Change

Cultural Change

CPOE is a Clinical project, not an Information Technology project. It needs to be owned by clinicians, even though much of the initial impact and many of the project tasks are felt by and visible to the Information Technology departments.

A CPOE implementation project will be one of the most challenging Clinical projects a hospital will undertake.

Hospitals will execute a CPOE project one time from an implementation perspective – yet from support, training and optimization considerations, it is an ongoing endeavor.

The most successful implementations plan on continuous process improvement, planning for the evidence-based changes that will be reflected in what procedures and medications get ordered, to the evolutions in applications that allow Computerized Provider ordering to be even more efficient and accurate, to how physicians are trained and supported.

CPOE is a major paradigm shift, a “sea change” in culture that shifts most of the routine clinical ordering from unit secretaries, clinical ancillary staff and nurses to the physicians and care providers themselves.

Adoption is increased if physicians and staff are already used to computerized systems, such as the widespread usage of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for results, Care Plans, Activities and Trends.

CPOE is a more efficient process overall, removing bottlenecks, enabling a higher degree of quality patient care, reducing and in some cases removing areas of actual and potential errors, speeding up the patient discharge process, streamlining the billing and reimbursement flow - ultimately saving patient lives and the healthcare system untold millions.

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