CPOE Cultural Impact to Nursing Staff

Cultural Impact to Nursing Staff

One of the biggest changes is the uptick in system usage for the nursing staff.

Much of their post-patient care is tied to a paper process that addresses gaps in the application.

CPOE, and subsequent next-generation clinical systems - Bedside Medication Verification and clinical notes (History & Physicals, Daily Progress, Discharge Notes) that tie into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) – begin to close those gaps, but it’s the initial adjustments, both in habits and system modifications, that take their toll in terms of the quality of job for the employee.

Consideration must be given to how frequently these systems should be implemented. Time must be allotted for the systems and processes to mesh and allow the evolution of new workflows. Gaps must be identified and addressed.

Training and Support must be planned for, including backfilling shifts to allow for structured, scheduled training sessions.

A Lesson Learned, and industry best practices for CPOE, now strongly recommend that nurses transition to CPOE as well as physicians.

The advantages are from training and support perspectives. By training the nurses to use the system with the ordering physician’s point of view, they gain an understanding of common orders and can – eventually - assist physicians who place orders infrequently. It also maximizes efficiencies in the training materials and curriculums.

Transitioning nurses to CPOE also facilitates nurses placing telephone and verbal orders – as appropriate, and per Hospital written policy.  

There will be nurses placing physician orders. The goal is for physicians to place 85% of their own orders, but there are times when it is very appropriate, from an access or patient care issue, for a nurse to place the order for the physician and have them ESign it as soon as possible. Again, as dictated by written Hospital policy.

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