Information Technology Project Management Overview

Throughout these pages I'll discuss the various aspects of Information Technology Project Management.

Topics will include:

The Project Life Cycle, which breaks down a project into separate and distinct phases, each with its own unique set of questions, documents, and attributes.

Change Control, which identifies and manages change within a project and some consequences if change is not managed properly.

There are relationships between the Project Management Knowledge Areas  – Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resource Management, Communications, Risk and Procurement - and how to draw upon that knowledge during the different phases of the project.

As we go over each of these Knowledge Areas in depth, we’ll see how they relate to Project Management Process Groups – Initiating a project, Planning and Executing the project plan, Controlling and Closing a project.

We’ll talk about some important skills to develop as you manage projects - management skills, organizational skills and the necessary technology skills unique to the industries.

Many of the Success criteria in a Software Project can be defined by meeting goals that tie back to the Triple Constraint - Time, Cost, and Scope. Add in Quality, because even though it’s not one of the constraints, it is certainly a measure of success. How successful is a project if it meets the deadline, comes in at or under cost, and has the functionality required, but is hard to use, breaks often, requires maintenance and is frustrating to the customer?

Time relates to the delivery period of the project – the due dates. Cost refers to the allocated budget, or the determination of what a project can be expected to cost, and Scope defines the deliverables of the project itself – what the finished product will look like.

Each project is as unique in its success factors as the project itself. Some will have as the main success criteria the ability to deliver the project on time, with a certain percentage above the budget being acceptable. Some will have a fixed due date that must be met. Others will have features and functionality as the main success points, and all will have success criteria aspects of all three.

Triple Constraint

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